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GNS3 - graphical network simulation

Simulate your network

Whether you are trying to learn or improve your networking skills, trying to troubleshoot a complex issue, or wanting to simulate your network to test new functionality, there is no better tool than GNS3....

Coffs Harbour OzTag National Championship 2014

Do the do, and not just Say the do

  Coaching, like parenting, is one of those real-life scenarios where it is crucial to “do the do, and not just say the do” or, to put it another way, “lead by example”. Kids...

Clear Your Search Bar

Just a tip – clear your search bar

My apologies for the language in the attached image. However, it highlights something that people should remember when contacting their vendor for support – clear your search bar

SYN retransmission - slow connections

Diagnose slow connections with Wireshark

Last week, I was working with a customer for a large Internet site (over 20 million users) who was having some performance problems with some of their internal infrastructure. The issue: slow connections to...

The Rose - Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast – Looking back

It’s almost one month since the closing night of Packemin Productions “Beauty and the Beast“. Just over 3 months went into the actual rehearsal and production phases of “Beauty and the Beast”, and it’s...

Packemin Productions Beauty and the Beast - Rouse Hill Times

Beauty and the Beast – three weeks to go

A few months ago I posted that I had been accepted into the Ensemble cast for the Packemin Productions “Beauty and the Beast”. Since the beginning of March, each week has consisted of rehearsals...

how to be a better sysadmin

Be a better SysAdmin – know your applications

It is a source of constant amazement to me that most SysAdmins (shorthand for System Administrators) have so little understanding of the applications running on their iron, apart from a passing “that’s the mail...

IT Support Frustration

A Day in Support – The King had a dream

Frustration There are certain times in my work life when I feel like I am beating my head against a wall in frustration. This is the story of one such time. Many times, in the...

Google AdSense April Fool

Google AdSense April Fool Joke

Well, I found my first online April Fool joke this morning when I logged into Google AdSense. Underneath the “Top┬áchannels” and “Top platforms”, I’ve now also got a “Top planets and moons”. It appears...

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