A State of Flux

A State of Flux


Vote FluxThree days ago, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. In four days, Australia votes for the Australian Federal government. The United States are also in the throes of a Presidential election. It feels like our whole world is in a state of Flux.

We’ve seen all manner of changes to the political landscape in recent times. Wikileaks, Anonymous, The Panama Papers – it seems as though there is a story breaking every other day about corruption, corporate tax avoidance, the reduction of services to the public.

It appears that the current Australian Federal government is in a state of schizophrenia. With one hand the government gives the message that Australia should be the “Clever Country’ yet with the other hand talks about increasing the cost of attending a university by deregulation. With one hand talking about creating jobs yet with the other hand removing $1.2B worth of incentives to hire apprentices. Talking about having to cut back spending to reduce deficit yet giving away tax concessions to businesses under the guise of a “trickle-down economy”.

The only “trickle-down” I’m seeing is this mentality of looking after your mates while doing nothing for the people of Australia. This mindless sacrifice of the long-term viability of this nation while trying to win short-term points within a political party. A demonstrated disdainfor providing actual leadership of this nation.

This style of democracy has to end. Where one vote every four years is supposed to reflect the desires of the people of this nation. And the ticking of some boxes on a ballot paper somehow engenders a politician’s support of the interests of me and mine.

It’s time for OUR revolution. A revolution where those in public office provide an actual service to those who they represent. It’s time for a revolution where government policy is held up to the light of public scrutiny for comment and, at the end of the process, to be voted on by all citizens of this great land. A revolution where public sentiment can be quickly and efficiently harnessed, where the best and the brightest can debate and challengethe status quo, and provide for informed debate on the issues that face our nation.

On July 2nd, I encourage you to place a 1 in the box next to “Vote Flux – Upgrade Democracy”. I encourage you to send a wake-up call to the major political parties and remind them that the Australian people deserve the right to be heard. To encourage you to join, with others, on the journey toward this revolution, OUR REVOLUTION. A revolution where you no longer have just one vote but rather have a vote on every issue. A revolution that empowers transparency and real accountability in the democratic process.

A revolution that truly upgrades democracy. A revolution that is Flux.




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