Beauty and the Beast – three weeks to go

Beauty and the Beast – three weeks to go


Packemin Productions Beauty and the Beast - Rouse Hill TimesA few months ago I posted that I had been accepted into the Ensemble cast for the Packemin Productions “Beauty and the Beast”. Since the beginning of March, each week has consisted of rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday (with the occasional cancellation due to scheduling conflicts and the like). After meeting so many new people, learning lines and choreography, it’s a little startling to find that the production is just over three weeks away to opening night.

Being involved in a professional production has opened my eyes to a lot of things. Ways to improve rehearsals and retention/practice of songs and choreography, promotions and the mechanics of getting ticket sales, the differences between “building and creating a show” as opposed to crafting and tweaking an “existing show”. As you can see from the thumbnail image, I was invited to be part of the promotional shots for the Rouse Hill area, with the article appearing in the Rouse Hill Times on the 4th June, and even that process was an interesting insight into how all of that “front of stage” process works as well.

More importantly, I’ve come to realise that I actually belong in this arena, not full-time, but definitely as my part-time expression of my creativity. I’m working hard, pushing myself in areas that I’ve never needed or wanted to previously. I’m using, and extending, my vocal craft in ways that I’ve not had to in years, and this is exciting. I look forward to rehearsal nights, for the camaraderie, the joy of working alongside others more talented and experienced. And now, as opening night looms onto the horizon, I’m anticipating that I don’t want to find the cure for this creative bug that has sunk itself into my being.

This is going to be an awesome show. If you’re interested in coming along, please purchase your tickets from Riverside Theatre in Parramatta

UPDATE 25th June 2014 – Here’s a link to an article about Packemin Productions “Beauty and the Beast” on StageWhispers

UPDATE 26th June 2014 – Here’s a link to another article about Packemin Productions “Beauty and the Beast” on StageWhispers



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