My New Year Revolution

My New Year Revolution


Join the revolutionAs this year draws to a close, it is appropriate that we “tie it off and put a bow on it”. As this holiday period approaches, we can be overwhelmed with emotions and feelings about how the year panned out.  Some may have experienced a loss during the year; it may be the passing of a family member or friend, a divorce, a job loss. It could be that you’ve lost your passion, your dream or even your hope. Some may have experienced a bumper year, full of success and prosperity. You may have gotten a promotion, bought a home or a new car, and achieved all you had planned. More likely, though, is that you have had a year of mountains and valleys, of gains and losses. A year that was a mixture of both success and failure.

A year that was a mixture of both success and failure

I’ve been looking at my year, and I want to finish it off well. Cross the finish line at full speed, leaving nothing in the tank. Holding no insult or hurt, leaving no grudge held or grievance unforgiven. I want to start the New Year with a revolution. And I would hope that you become one of the radicals who join this revolution.

The ideals of my revolution

  • I choose to be a positive reagent in my world – to be a voice for the weak, a champion for those who suffer injustice. It can be as simple as voting on Avaaz, or as involved as Volunteering your time, or as hands-off as donating to a good cause.
  • I choose to believe the best, to see the gold in others – we are all a work in progress, a product of our own private back story.
  • I choose to love others, even at my own expense or risk of hurt – there is enough disdain, prejudice and hate in this world already.
  • I choose to learn for my future – something not related to any pre-existent skill or experience in my life – a new word in another language, a poem from another culture. Take a look at Zidbits or A Word A Day.
  • I choose to forget the hurts in my past – for the benefit of my health, my sanity, and for my growth.

My list of ideals will surely increase as I spend some more time on them. What would you add to this list?




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